XAML IntelliSense Presenter for Visual Studio 2015

The XAML IntelliSense Presenter for the Visual Studio 2015 XAML Editor provides many high-octane features that make accessing, filtering, and consuming the IntelliSense information list much easier.  This makes the XAML developer more productive when editing XAML.


  • Pascal case lookup
  • Optional narrowing list filter
  • Filtering based on item type
  • xmlns IntelliSense options
    • Show/hide only solution assemblies
    • Show/hide schemas
  • Filter settings persist for the current Visual Studio session

Pascal Case Lookup

Pascal case lookup is always enabled regardless of the narrowing filter option. When all of your text is upper case, this feature kicks in to quickly locate the item you are looking for. Note, this feature requires at least two upper case characters be entered before kicking in.

The below images demonstrates the Pascal case lookup.



Narrowing List Filter

When the narrowing list filter is enabled, it provides two features.

  • Narrows the list of displayed items by only including items that contain your text
  • List item selection priority
    • Selects the first match that starts with your text
    • Selects the first entry that contains your text

Narrowing Filter Enabled


Narrowing Filter Disabled (click filter icon to toggle enable/disabled)


List Item Type Filter

This was my original driving force behind writing this extension. I found myself frustrated when a type in XAML had 2 properties, 4 events and 75 namespaces listed in the IntelliSense listing.

Standard list of items, notice the multitude of namespaces that are listed.


Toggle the namespaces Toolbar button by clicking it and they are filtered for you.


The other Toolbar filter buttons work the same providing you the ability to filter properties and events.

xmlns IntelliSense

This feature was another reason I wrote this extension.  Normally you have to sift through many http://schemas…, this extension provides filtering to exclude them from the listing.

The below image demonstrates the two filter buttons in the xamls IntelliSense presenter. Notice how the listing is clean and relevant.

  • Show only solution assemblies is enabled.
  • Remove schema entries is enabled.


You can also use Pascal case searching.


Download from Visual Studio Gallery





Hope this helps someone and have a great day

Just a grain of sand on the worlds beaches.

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