Visual Studio XAML Designer Needs Culture Support


I just got back from a trip to Japan.  It’s amazing when you leave your country and discover how developers around the world are solving problems.

One problem that should be very easy to address is actual globalization and culture support in the XAML Designer.

I met with several customer that ship WPF products that support Japanese, Chinese, and English.  These customers use the XAML Designer to view their forms in all supported languages.  Currently it is a real pain to quickly display XAML forms in other languages.

One customer actually wrote their own localization system to get around the pain of using the current culture support in the Visual Studio 2015 XAML Designer to render their forms in multiple languages.

There is a very good article on Code Project that helps developers to be productive:


I’m proposing to the XAML Tools Team that they provide a ComboBox at the bottom of the XAML Designer that allows the developer to switch cultures and when they do, reload the designer using that culture.

Microsoft is a global company, it’s customers write software all over the world in many languages. The XAML Designer has an opportunity to come along side these developers and enable them to be more productive.  I hear the term “productive” in many Microsoft keynotes and presentations.  Thank you for helping international developers all over the world.



Hope this helps someone and have a great day.

Just a grain of sand on the worlds beaches.


    • Karl

      Thank you for you very kind words. I had the very best time meeting and spending time with developers in Japan.

      Very much looking forward to my next trip!!

      Best to you always,



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